When do you feel accomplished?

Posted on: April 8, 2010

I really feel at peace with my accomplishments and really never thought I would have gotten as far as I have. My children are my biggest and best, I am truly blessed by them and their ability to live their lives in such a caring and accomplished way by themselves. They have good hearts and love to be of service to others.
I feel most accomplished when something happens whether I was involved directly or indirectly. The moment when I hear something changed or was made better makes me feel very peaceful. I especially feel at peace when something I put forth affects patients and medical facilities nationwide, as in my work with Patient Safety and Quality nationally. I am a very humble person and perform my duties in the name of God, I am the vehicle…..

4 Responses to "When do you feel accomplished?"

Kim – Unlike some of the people reading this blog who know you in an online capacity, I know you as a flesh and blood, face-to-face person. I can say with real-life experience that you are, indeed, a humble person. And that God is the driving force behind everything that you do.

I very much like the picture that you chose for this blog. It’s blue, your favorite color. Are you aware of the fact that butterflies can only fly forward? They can’t go backwards. Cool!

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

No, I did not know that tidbit.

Here is another one:
Butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature is less than 86 degrees.

I need to move to a warmer climate! LOL

Hi, Kim — interesting that you mention patient safety; I work for a federal agency where patient safety is the mantra. I know that feeling when you have been a part of something that changed for the better, even when I play only a little bitty part.

Yes, I am a Quality Assurance Manager For LabCorp a national laboratory network. I am also on a CLMA-Clinical Lab Management Association PSQ Patient Safety and Quality Committee on the National Level. I am also on the Good Practive Sharing Commitee, as well as the Chicago CLMA Board of Directors.

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