University of Life Gratitude

Posted on: April 9, 2010

Gratitude is a subject that is seldom talked about in todays fast paced society. The clear cut attitude to be grateful for all of life not what just feels safe and comfortable. There is such blessing in the land that we live in. Abundance is really an understatement. There is so much Divine Presence if we take the time, look and listen to what is in the here and now. The life we live, the oxygen we breath, the water that is clear to drink, the land that sustains the crops, the sun, the moon, and even the stars, all created for us to sustain our gratefulness. when I look at the abundance that is here in our land, I think of others that do not have so much and are still grateful for what they do have without any need for more, without any gratefulness for what they do not have. There is a true love for anything that comes wether it be of their own volition or someone elses.
There is such a small window that we live on the earth and a small window to be truly, deeply, mind fully, grateful and thankful for all we have minute by minute and share our gratefulness with all we come in contact with and spread the joy.

1 Response to "University of Life Gratitude"

Kim – I am grateful for you. I am grateful for this wonderful post. I am grateful for this great course description for the University of Life course.

[Wow – you found a graphic with a woman holding a BLUE butterfly] …

Laurie Buchanan

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