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When I travel to St Louis, Missouri there is a beautiful sight on the way. I see it every timei drive in the area and decided to take a picture this time. As I sit in the hotel tonight I think about the cross and whyI am so afraid to bare the cross that I have and carry it strongly forward on the journey. I usually do my best to set it aside, ignore it, tell myself it can’t possibly there, it is invisible, it is a fictional thing that is not real, or a hundred different excuses. Not to signify that the cross is a huge part of my life, as it is the cross of salvation, but also the cross of the saving grace that gives peace and the divine.

This cross in the middle of nowhere is a huge reminder to me who and what is in charge of my journey and who makes the plans. It is a bearer of salvation, love, suffering and joy of Divine Love and the Holy Spirit in my life. I must acknowledge this and move forward on the journey with this love and joy helping me to face suffering to assure my salvation.

What do you do to maintain peace and the divine in your life?

Ireland Mirror 1800's in our entranceway.

     When there is a mirror, no matter how old, it may reflect what we like, or it may show things we do not want to face, or discuss. Some days are better than others when looking at the relection in the mirror, Some like to look in the mirror, while others would rather not. The important thing is to be comfortable with what you see and have the ability to see the Divine Love that is there to see and wondrously experienced as self.

Today we picked up a new addition to our family. After 16 years of trying to convince my hubby to get another dog, I finally succeeded. We had a Black/White Cocker Spaniel, and this one is the same. His name is OREOZ, he is gentle, quiet, and very well behaved. He is 1 1/2 years old and he was found in Logan Co, IL wandering around. Joe and Amanda are excited. Mike is showing good signs of loving the dog too…..petting him and taking him on walks..

Apology is a feeling of regret or dislike of one’s own actions in the past.
I am usually one to admit fault or regret for my own actions and sometimes apologize too much because I admit fault too fast, even in some situations where I am not at fault, however I want to defuse the situation and deter any conflict as much as possible.

Sometimes I might be in the doghouse, or in a bad situation? maybe a loved one has given me the look? I may be getting the silent treatment? Or possibly I am the one who deserves an apology from someone myself?

How do you make someone understand how sorry you really are? And when should you NOT apologize?

Words for thought today.


Laurie directed me to thisi website on gaia….Great!

Mindfulness all day was hard but I did it!
I assisted in manning a booth at a convention today. It was a great morning networking, renewing old friendships and finding some new as well. it was especially exciting to see 175 new students coming our of Rush University Chicago and University of Chicago. They were so excited they were graduating and at our booth we were encouraging them to join our management association as student members to gain networking opportunities that can only enhance their growth, creativity in finding a good fit for placement, and meeting all kinds of lab managers in the Chicago area. Our chapter is the largest and most active in the nation. We also have exceptional speakers and vendors come to our events 4 times a year. I work on the board of directors and assist in making the meetings happen.

The best thing to happen today is that we received a call from the animal shelter. They have moved us up to first on the list to adopt a 1 1/2-year-old Cocker Spaniel (see Pictures Posted) We were thinking that we were not even going to be considered , as the first family they had an adoption contract on him was pretty serious. Tom, who works there, did not sound very hopeful when we had filled out the application. Well, boy were we surprized when we got the call about an hour ago that we are first on the list! The dog is in great condition, however is being treated for kennel cough, before getting a rabies shot later in the week. we should be able to pick him up Friday-Sunday…
Joe is dumbfounded and does not know what to thing, bt says it is really cool, as we have not had a dog since he was 2. When I called Amanda, actually I posted on Twitter first, she started crying on the phone because she was so happy. This dog is very similar to the dog we had that passed away when she was 4.

His name is OREOZ, or we may name it Snoopy!, w will have to take a vote!
WELL, that was too much excitement for one day….Thanks to all who were praying for us!
With all this going on….Being Still….I will wait a while for that one….

I was reading the book “The Four Agreements” the last two days. I am on the Second Agreement, don’t take things to personally. Ok I do take things personally especially if I am involved. If something is not right, I take responsibility. The answer to this is do not take it personally, well I wonder about this type of thinking.
I understand that I should not take things personally when someone has a bad day or tells me something about myself that they think is wrong. I understand the truth that all people have their own opinions and ways to do anything. for any given issue, item, problem, or anything else for that matter, there are many ways to get to the same outcome. Too bad more people do not think of it that way. They have the “It is my way or the highway mentality” Is that really truth or justice for that matter? Well it is right in their mind and there is no arguing, or is there? Should we take this seriously or not?
I was actually taken by surprize when I read the following:
“If you have a need to be abused, you will find it easy to be abused by others!” Now I understand this to a point, say if a person is abused and then marries and continues the pattern. What I don’t understand in this statement is that it implies that there is a need to be abused by the abused and the abuser just fulfills that need. This is like saying come hurt me I love it….crazy….
I do like the idea that if you don’t take things personally, you will not be bothered by those untruths or injustice that has come out from others in your life. It is their issue and not mine, even if they have hurt me from the depths of my soul. (Well that one will take a few days or weeks to discern!) Keeping my heart open and not letting anyone hurt me by their actions, deeds, or words is truth and justice truly in action. Kind of like the posted picture of my daughter, unencumbered, free, heart loving, not taking things personally, loving her life, being confident, loving, caring, strong and wonder filled.

In a guided imagery tape I listen to, at one point it asks the question,”Who are you, who are you??

A blogging friend, Barbara, asked me to explain a story about who I am? While thinking about this for a long while I do not have a clear picture yet. It is more like a soft fog!

What is this? Dream, reality, or somewhere in between.
Good-bad, acceptable-not acceptable, beautiful-ugly, right-wrong, and surrendering to beliefs that may have not been the best for me. Even having the Be-good syndrome to please others so they will perceive me as good enough.

Somehow this inner judge taught me not to feel, to limit my thinking, even so far as to limit my efforts, as not to cause conflict.
Boy do I carry that guilt, shame, and blame well. I hide it, but it is there, and yes it does control my life.

Stay tuned for the dreams of truth and justice…

This is by Marty Haugen another singer composer that Mike know in the 1980’s while he was in the choir at St John Neuman, St Paul Park Minnesota.


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