About Snoopykg2


 Title: Butterfly

Gender: Female

Age: 47

Sun Sign: Pisces

Chinese Sign: Water Tiger

 Location: Lake in the Hills IL

Things Snoopykg1 Loves
Reading,religions,Biographies,golf,museums,nature,butterflies,bowling,ceramics,sewing,nedlepoint,just sitting and talking with friends and family

Helen Keller,Abrham Lincoln,John F Kennedy,Ronald Reagan,my husband,Indira Gandhi,St Therese,St Caroline

Sr Madeline Studer,Kay Studer,Denise Dodge/Atkinson,Robert Mitchell,Deena Sherkenbach,Eugenia Eusebio,Sr Alice Zachmann

Too many to count,I love all kinds of books. I also have a Kindle I love it!

Pop,classic,soft lite rock,spiritual,easy listening….

The Birds,The Shuttered Room,Star Trek,Love Stories,The Notebook,Anything with Steve Martin or Sally Field.

Copyright 2010 Kimberly A. Grady
All rights Reserved.
No part of this website’s contents may be used in part, or in whole
without written permission from Kimberly A Grady.

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