Mike_and_Kim 1980--day after prom on Dad's boat.


Kim and Mike-- Wedding Day Sept 15, 1984


Ireland Mirror 1800's in our entranceway.

     When there is a mirror, no matter how old, it may reflect what we like, or it may show things we do not want to face, or discuss. Some days are better than others when looking at the relection in the mirror, Some like to look in the mirror, while others would rather not. The important thing is to be comfortable with what you see and have the ability to see the Divine Love that is there to see and wondrously experienced as self.

In seeing a lot of windmills in Indiana today while driving, I thought a lot about being still. It seemed that the windmills were like humans. Some were very still and calm, some were running ever so slowly and still in motion, some actually looked like they were moving backwards, and some were moving extremely fast.

, “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10)



Which one are you?


Heard the song “Georgia on my Mind” this afternoon and was singing it with my son. I was thnking about our blogging friend Sandi, hoping she is doing well, and also our other friends in Georgia, as we lived there for 9 years and both my children were born there. My daughter Amanda is a true southern belle and she will tell you this….

       Today I have been restless.  This evening I looked up the word “restlessness”. I really did not even think it was a word in the dictionary. It is one of those interesting words that you think someone might have made up. I came up with a few descriptions.

1. agitation

2. putting into motion by sitrring or shaking

3. emotional state of excitement

4.agitation due to dementia

5. form of side effect from medication

I looked at all of these descriptions and really decided I am a little bit of them all. Now this sounds really mixed up if I am all. I have tried to be still the last few days and be in the moment. maybe that is somehow making me nervous, as I am always thinking, moving, planning. Even when I am sleeping or being still, my mind is churning and grinding what the next thing is.

Are you restless too?

My blog is not working….

Please comment so I can see if it is up>Kim

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