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When I travel to St Louis, Missouri there is a beautiful sight on the way. I see it every timei drive in the area and decided to take a picture this time. As I sit in the hotel tonight I think about the cross and whyI am so afraid to bare the cross that I have and carry it strongly forward on the journey. I usually do my best to set it aside, ignore it, tell myself it can’t possibly there, it is invisible, it is a fictional thing that is not real, or a hundred different excuses. Not to signify that the cross is a huge part of my life, as it is the cross of salvation, but also the cross of the saving grace that gives peace and the divine.

This cross in the middle of nowhere is a huge reminder to me who and what is in charge of my journey and who makes the plans. It is a bearer of salvation, love, suffering and joy of Divine Love and the Holy Spirit in my life. I must acknowledge this and move forward on the journey with this love and joy helping me to face suffering to assure my salvation.

What do you do to maintain peace and the divine in your life?

Ireland Mirror 1800's in our entranceway.

     When there is a mirror, no matter how old, it may reflect what we like, or it may show things we do not want to face, or discuss. Some days are better than others when looking at the relection in the mirror, Some like to look in the mirror, while others would rather not. The important thing is to be comfortable with what you see and have the ability to see the Divine Love that is there to see and wondrously experienced as self.

It is so challenging to be still and know that I am love. I am always, or my mind is always running, day, noon and night. I really think it is running in one capacity or another 24/7/365 days a year. When I think about it, I wonder if it actually does really turn off even when we are asleep, even for a minute?
I do find prayer and meditation a great way to be still and become close to beloved Divine Love/God.
Is there a true place where stillness takes over and there is no other way to be than letting it overcome our fears, desires, passions, and dreams to bring us to a safer,calmer, and more spiritual place?
I guess that is why we call it a journey, an ever-moving, always changing, never-ending road to Divine Love on the way and forever.

I would have to say the time around our wedding day 9/15/84 was a time of vivid imagery, great dreams, and great plans….We were at a time where anything goes, trying so hard to make all our dreams and imagination come to life. It was a time of new beginnings innocence,
laughter, when there was a lot of uplifting and constructive dialogue about life and it wonders.

I am in the process of becoming an Associate of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, SSND, who taught me in Saint Paul Minnesota in the 70’s and I now visit Mankato, Minnesota every so often to visit. It is a blessing to go there and have so many sisters in one place, who knew I could have over a 150 grandmothers in one place! They take very good care of me. I sometimes wonder if my path had been slightly different, I would have probably became a Sister working in HealthCare. Being an Associate helps me keep connected with SSND in another way that gives me peace and joy. some of the pictures in the video might look familiar, as I have posted photos I have taken on the Mankato Hill as well.

I would love to give the gift of my time, to be present, to listen, to love, to show them I care, hold them, play with a puppy with them, and most of all my love. I remember when I was a kid. I would ride my bike to one Grandma or another, I had three that I knew. They lived close, so I could ride my bike any time I wanted to. especially in the summer I spent all my time visiting, listening, loving,helping, and just being there for them.Talking about dreams, challenges, struggles, happenings, and just life…Playing games like Scrabble, Tri-onimos, Dominos, Cribbage, all kinds of card games, watch game shows and soap operas together, I have watched All My Children for 40 years!
There is so much richness in just being there for the elderly, especially now, due to the isolation that some experience because of all the technology now. Working to bridge the gaps between the past and the future by being present.

We have had some classic cars show up today. I thought I would share my first car with you. A 1971 Dodge Dart, it was a 7-year-old car when I got it. This car pictured is very close in color and design. It was really difficult to find a picture online that looked like the original, as most of them have had a paint job or two since then.

My father was a used car salesman. He called me one day and I went down to the car lot. Of course like a 16-year-old would say, I said to myself, “OMG! what kind of car does Dad have picked out, I know I am going to hate it” or “I wanted to pick it out, as I am extremely independent”

Well, let me tell you, I loved it.
Even though I had to pay my own payments, gas, and insurance (I worked at A & W as a carhop, and at a nursing Home as a nursing assistant. The freedom of being able to have my own wheels was awesome. Not to mention my all time favorite color-BLUE.

Resurrection ——————————————————————————–
A rising again; the resumption of vigor.
I found this description different than all the definitions of the rising from the dead. resumption of vigor can be shown in all creation as Spring comes; new buds on the trees, new babies and animals, new flowers to behold, new friends, new challenges, new joys, new outcomes, new outlooks, new coats of paint, shiny perspectives. freshing and new, bold and beautiful.

I have to say it gets the boys out of the house as well!, going golfing….LOL

Non-Fiction books are my favorite, especially science, self-help, medicine, health, biographies, and nature. I also enjoy religious books about world religions, saints and other medieval stories. I have a Kindle electronic reader that allows me to read several books at a time. I also can sync it with my cell phone or PC, when I don’t have my Kindle with me. The best part about kindle is there are many free offerings online to choose from, while all other books are half price or less than the regular bookstores. Quite honestly I do read anything I can get my hands on and am always learning……The library or internet are my favorite places!!

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