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We have had some classic cars show up today. I thought I would share my first car with you. A 1971 Dodge Dart, it was a 7-year-old car when I got it. This car pictured is very close in color and design. It was really difficult to find a picture online that looked like the original, as most of them have had a paint job or two since then.

My father was a used car salesman. He called me one day and I went down to the car lot. Of course like a 16-year-old would say, I said to myself, “OMG! what kind of car does Dad have picked out, I know I am going to hate it” or “I wanted to pick it out, as I am extremely independent”

Well, let me tell you, I loved it.
Even though I had to pay my own payments, gas, and insurance (I worked at A & W as a carhop, and at a nursing Home as a nursing assistant. The freedom of being able to have my own wheels was awesome. Not to mention my all time favorite color-BLUE.

Well first let me say, I would like to go to South Carolina for my Grand Nieces First Birthday!
It would be great, however I do not have the finances or the time to take off of work. Well I will discern it a bit and figure out what I can do.

In the meantime, I wonder where the journey is going to lead me rather than thinking about where I want to go. I have long ago decided that it is not me that decides where I go, it is on God’s timeline.
I used to think it was my hubby’s timeline, as we moved from state to state, however there was something else that we were not even aware of driving the journey. I truly believe everything happens to us for a reason and truly makes us stronger, even though I struggle between conscious awareness and unconscious challenges in my thinking. Sometimes I want to run away, far far away, other times I want to just sit in my car and be, other times I don’t want to get in the car/race at all. Even if there is sweet music on the radio, a great view with the sunroof, and a guidance system to lead me on the journey, there are times when the thought of going somewhere just blows me under and I would rather go nowhere, or stop at a way stop. I guess the key is to set the guidance system, take a leap of faith, dare to risk, and talk on the cell phone while I am on the journey, although not in Illinois, as it is illegal to talk on your phone in some areas. Oh and I might even stop to get more fuel on the way, maybe even a candy bar!

Attached is a picture of my new care–2010 Hyundai Tuscon……

Resurrection ——————————————————————————–
A rising again; the resumption of vigor.
I found this description different than all the definitions of the rising from the dead. resumption of vigor can be shown in all creation as Spring comes; new buds on the trees, new babies and animals, new flowers to behold, new friends, new challenges, new joys, new outcomes, new outlooks, new coats of paint, shiny perspectives. freshing and new, bold and beautiful.

I have to say it gets the boys out of the house as well!, going golfing….LOL

Life has been exhilarating, challenging, loving, fun, laughable, pain, joy, laughter, tears…..I am and have been always where I was supposed to be, right at the right time, in God’s time, not my own. I struggle and challenge the reins, but it always comes, but in due time……Patience is truly a virtue.

Where am I going?….Don’t know exactly, however enjoying the journey.

Progress is moving or going forward, proceeding onward, or advancing.

I guess I would say that in many aspects of my journey I have made tremendous progress in going forward, moving onward, and also advancing far. It is the steps that go off in different directions that make the course much different. I think that is because I try to drive the car and not be a passenger, as God wants us to be. To let go and leave the driving to God….

         When I saw this beautiful picture I was reminded of all the docks that I have been on through the years, mostly in Minnesota. My dad had a boat ever since I can remember, and his brother had a cabin with docks all around. I spent a lot of time up at my uncles cabin during the summertime, and also loved the fact that he had 5 girls, for I and had no sisters of my own . I unfortunately did not like it too much when my dad threw me off the docks and said “sink or swim”, as I was very afraid of drowning after that, and made sure I took lots of swimming lessons.

     When my own family was beginning and the kids were younger, we would also have a cabin in the north woods, with a great fire pit outside and many docks to just sit, rest, contemplate, and enjoy the scenary, especially the loons.      The kids are older now and still say they would love to go up to the cabin. Maybe someday they will start a new tradition.

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