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Life has been exhilarating, challenging, loving, fun, laughable, pain, joy, laughter, tears…..I am and have been always where I was supposed to be, right at the right time, in God’s time, not my own. I struggle and challenge the reins, but it always comes, but in due time……Patience is truly a virtue.

Where am I going?….Don’t know exactly, however enjoying the journey.

Progress is moving or going forward, proceeding onward, or advancing.

I guess I would say that in many aspects of my journey I have made tremendous progress in going forward, moving onward, and also advancing far. It is the steps that go off in different directions that make the course much different. I think that is because I try to drive the car and not be a passenger, as God wants us to be. To let go and leave the driving to God….

Oh Yes….AC is back from college for a while…….Chillin and giving hugs and hugs/kisses.
The estrogen/testosterone balance is in sync once again at our home.

Today I visited a place called Corazon in South Chicago. It is a place for educating women and children, immigrants who speak very little English and have little money or personel resources to gain this education In this area  there is needm for help with money, time, and volunteers to assist as much as possible. It is sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame in the Midwest-Atlantic Province……Driving through areas boarded up, torn down or burned down is very eye-opening to the poor in our own

In response to a shifting ministerial presence for the School Sisters of Notre Dame community, Corazon a Corazon was founded to serve the south side of Chicago. Begun in 2002 on 95th and Commercial offering ESL, After School (2003) and Summer programs addressing the need of elementary levels to adults. In 2008 Corazon moved to its present location to expand the program to the residents in the area.

Corazon a Corazon under the sponsorship of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, serves as a catalyst for fundamental change in the community by providing individualized educational services to women and children at risk.


Partner with us to empower the women and children on the southside of Chicago to participate fully in their families and community.



* 12 hour initial training program
* 2 hour continuing education each year
* Mentoring
* Flexible hours


* 1 hour a week for six months minimum commitment
* Back ground check

Office Help

Computer Lab

Summer Program

         When I saw this beautiful picture I was reminded of all the docks that I have been on through the years, mostly in Minnesota. My dad had a boat ever since I can remember, and his brother had a cabin with docks all around. I spent a lot of time up at my uncles cabin during the summertime, and also loved the fact that he had 5 girls, for I and had no sisters of my own . I unfortunately did not like it too much when my dad threw me off the docks and said “sink or swim”, as I was very afraid of drowning after that, and made sure I took lots of swimming lessons.

     When my own family was beginning and the kids were younger, we would also have a cabin in the north woods, with a great fire pit outside and many docks to just sit, rest, contemplate, and enjoy the scenary, especially the loons.      The kids are older now and still say they would love to go up to the cabin. Maybe someday they will start a new tradition.

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