Bully Free Zone

Posted on: May 16, 2010


There are so many things to explore, be grateful for and love in this world, why are there some who would rather control or bully their way through life? Are these types really comfortable in their own body, or do they get their kicks by making others be at the whim of their ideas, mood, likes, dislikes, and basically try to mold others into their bullying, controlling mold.
It would seem that the divine made us all in his image, however each different, for us to cultivate that difference into a caring compassionate, growing learning about each other, and not a put down, bully, controlling attitude. It would also seem that these bullies are really the issue and not the ones they are trying to control. After all if the bully said jump off a bridge would you do it, absolutely not, then, just walk away and acknowledge that you are better for doing so.

And so it is!


2 Responses to "Bully Free Zone"

And so it is. (Have a safe trip tomorrow) …

Hi, Kim. What is interesting is that bullies never really seem to grow up. I meet them in all professions — they just change their methods of bullying. It usually takes me a while to identify them, though. Their bullying is more subtle such as snide remarks towards you from a supervisor during a meeting or comments loaded with sexual innuendo from your manager who is just daring you to try and do something about it. Just yesterday while I was waiting for a bus after getting off the Metro train, some workers for an electric company had parked their huge truck right in front of where people boarded the bus. A man standing there with me asked them if they could pull up about 20 yards to a curve in the road where they would be out of the way because the bus needed a place to park so we could get on. The worker actually sneered at him and tried to hike up his blue jeans over his belly and said “the buses can just park someplace else.” That guy is a 10-year-old bully with a beer gut and a bad attitude. His life must be miserable.

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