The sky is falling-Well almost

Posted on: May 14, 2010

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    Yesterday morning we woke up to a huge tree branch that was hit by lightning covering our back door patio. My husband looked out and said “Oh Mama, we have a mess. Never mind it missed the house and nearby windows by a couple of inches! The dog just stared at it all day, wondering what had happening. No one had heard it in the night. I think it happened about 10-12 midnight when the worst of the storms came through. I could not help but take pictures of it when I got home! I do not know the status of my patio set and the Statue of the Virgin Mary or the roses that lie underneath, as we could not see them under the branches. And it missed the grill sitting on the patio, a good thing with propane waiting to explode under it.

God sometimes reminds us of the size of the power and also makes us humble in knowing that we are dust without his grace and love.

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3 Responses to "The sky is falling-Well almost"

Sheesh! I sleep with earplugs and an eye pillow. No wonder the big dogs were up in bed with us. Len said there was thunder and lightning to beat the band … and you’ve got the proof! I’m glad that nothing actually hit your home, or the propane tank.

Laurie Buchanan

I sleep with a eye pillow too…I bought it at a place called holessence in Crystal Lake, you should visit there sometime!

OREOZ slept almost all night-go figure!


That made me laugh — thank you!

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