Where Do All The People Go?

Posted on: May 13, 2010

     It is interesting that I usually spend a good part of my week on e-mail or my blackberry, conversing, socializing, networking, planning and managing work/life and family issues. Managing one issue or another minute -to-minute at is usually mostly by e-mail

     Is this the wave of the new millenium? Impersonal, cold, no body language, no tone of voice, no smile or frown, no attitude or lots of attitude? Maybe we do not even realize it? There are time when I go weeks before I get a hug from a close family member, as everyone is usually too busy or doing their own thing. Example I call my daughter on Skype and all I get is an impersonal message, call cancelled. Stopping and asking for directions (Actually speaking with someone) is almost obsolete, as GPS technology becomes mainstream.

     Do friends, over the age of 30 I am speaking of, actually call and talk anymore, do they go out for coffee, go shopping, have meaningful conversation—or are they just too busy with family, work, T.V, Internet sports activities, church, community endeavors, planning, inflexible schedules, fear, anxiety or numerous other reasons to back down from  invitations. Even if people are invited nowadays to events and an RSVP is needed, they do not respond and most times do not show up or show up late.

    I am not sure if I am overexerting this observation or it is a reality that society is going somewhat into hibernation, perhaps like the separations seen in WWII, with whole countries cutting themselves of from the rest or the world. Even my son hibernates in his room, probably just the 16-year-old mentality, and plays video games while talking on a wireless headset to the boy across the street. Playing is virtual, along with warfare, i.e. War Video Games.

   Another example:  There are lots of friends that I have, however very few, if any that actually call and ask that we connect, it would seem I am the initiator most of the time. Although I feel ok with that, it would be great if others would make plans and do the inviting, is not friendship a mutual thing?. Most weekends I am free all weekend and wonder where everyone is and what they are doing.

I guess somehow I walked out of the mainstream and did not realize it. I will have to seek another avenue to go down.

As Walter Cronkite used to say:

And that’s the way it is…..Good Night…..

And where am I going with this conversation? I have no idea? But it was fun and in the moment! By no means do I mean to offend anyone, as I am just wondering about some of these human responses. Normal as they are….

1 Response to "Where Do All The People Go?"

Kim, your post reminded me of how necessary it is for me to take the initiative and contact a few of my friends and ask them to meet me after work for dinner or on the weekend for lunch. Busyness seems to be a plague . . . there is ALWAYS something else that we imagine needs to be done.

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