Posted on: April 27, 2010

       Today I have been restless.  This evening I looked up the word “restlessness”. I really did not even think it was a word in the dictionary. It is one of those interesting words that you think someone might have made up. I came up with a few descriptions.

1. agitation

2. putting into motion by sitrring or shaking

3. emotional state of excitement

4.agitation due to dementia

5. form of side effect from medication

I looked at all of these descriptions and really decided I am a little bit of them all. Now this sounds really mixed up if I am all. I have tried to be still the last few days and be in the moment. maybe that is somehow making me nervous, as I am always thinking, moving, planning. Even when I am sleeping or being still, my mind is churning and grinding what the next thing is.

Are you restless too?

4 Responses to "Restlessness"

Kim – No. I’m, not restless. My mind is still numb from the Writers’ Institute.

Laurie Buchanan

I will bet your dogs were restless when you got home! I am sure you are stirred and an emotional state of excitment and you don’t even realize it yet until the numbness wears off.

On another note:
I can tell you, OREOZ is the best thing to happen to us in a very long time. He is a gem, always compliant, listening, and calm. He is a joy to have around. we are very lucky.

Thanks for visiting


Hi, Kim — if you haven’t read Jon Kabat-Zinn’s book “Full Catastrophe Living,” you should. His meditative mindfulness practice works within life as well as during meditation. I sometimes literally jitter (<=== not sure that is a real word!) with restlessness and am unable to focus on the task at hand. The methods he recommends work wonders. I think OREOZ found you to be a calming influence. Let him.

Thanks for the tip. I willl take a look at a sample that I downloaded tonight on my Kindle. The best thing I like about Kindle is that I can also download all the books on my list to my Blackberry. I am never without my books I am reading.

Yes, Oreoz is great and I will let him.


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