Be still and Know the Divine is Among Us

Posted on: April 23, 2010

It is so challenging to be still and know that I am love. I am always, or my mind is always running, day, noon and night. I really think it is running in one capacity or another 24/7/365 days a year. When I think about it, I wonder if it actually does really turn off even when we are asleep, even for a minute?
I do find prayer and meditation a great way to be still and become close to beloved Divine Love/God.
Is there a true place where stillness takes over and there is no other way to be than letting it overcome our fears, desires, passions, and dreams to bring us to a safer,calmer, and more spiritual place?
I guess that is why we call it a journey, an ever-moving, always changing, never-ending road to Divine Love on the way and forever.

2 Responses to "Be still and Know the Divine is Among Us"

Kim — you and I were on the same wavelength. I wrote about how it is impossible to be still! All those molecules in constant motion. I find it incredible that we can observe our own minds running constantly, and then I turn to the observer me and realize, I am still.

It was interesting today. I got so much done. I closed my office door half so others would know I am prety busy and plugged away. i finished a 24 hr Continuing Education class with 125 questions to be graded in 3 hours. It is about state regulations for CLIA, anf I felt I needed to increase my education on it so I could expand my ablilties, especially as next week I am doing a Blood Bank inspection at a hospital in Indiana. I have to say that willl I was extremely busy and still at the same time, I would guess that I was really in the moment and my brain was not focused on anything but the present. I have the idea with this that being still is a misnomer, it can be during business and also in quietness. I guess I could say it happens in both.

I am amazed at OREOZ,, he is busy all the time and always just being….I look at him and he can go from 100 miles per minute to sleep in 20 seconds….Both in being still. I also think of my husband in this mode, as he is always busy which I guess is his being still mode.

Interesting to think about….
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