Overhead Baggage Extra Price**

Posted on: April 21, 2010

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There has been talk lately about the amount of luggage we are allowed to take on airplanes. Some companies are charging extra for extra luggage, some offset the costs elsewhere, some even market the fact that they do not charge extra, why not fly with and take all the stuff you can.
There is a lot of extra stuff that it seems I like to take with me when I travel, and what about the even older luggage that i carry from the past, stuffed with all kinds of items that should have been sold in a garage sale long ago. Regrets, anger, pain, thoughts, lost love, and anything else to stick in all those nice compartments.
It seems that in today’s society there is such pressure to have more and more and buy more, after all most items are disposable anyway! Right? The journey is long and there is now more than ever, reason to take that baggage,, sort, straighten, shine, standardize and sustain
a small amount of baggage and not lugging so much, afterall there are only so many cases any person should have to handle.
While thinking about this I decided I should sort out a lot of things other than old baggage, straighten out my thinking, shine things up a bit, standardize what I am doing and thinking. Then comes the big challenging part…sustaining the strides that i have made. Not a small task. Loose the past, keep the present, and let the future just develop its own baggage control plan…:-)

4 Responses to "Overhead Baggage Extra Price**"

Kim – Your blog really hits home! When I spoke for that women’s group last week I took oodles of baggage along as props. A gigantic suitcase that had another suitcase, backpack, fanny pack, passport bag, briefcase, shoulder bag, coin purse, etc., inside it. All of those empty bags felt like they weighed a ton as I lugged them from the car to the door, and then up a flight of stairs to where I was speaking.

Yes – it’s good to offload the baggage.

Thanks for visiting. I wondered what I was really trying to say. I guess I am still the process of sorting what it is that needs to be discarded and how…

I know you said you would be rehashing over things I had already heard, but I could at least helped with the bags! I am used to carrying big ones…LOL

Have a good evening…Taking OREOZ for a walk..

Hi, Kim! I finally made it over here — busy couple of days, but I love your new site. Great pictures. I heard the rumor that airlines were going to charge for overhead baggage, too. I don’t fly that much so I am not sure how much it will affect me. I do know that when I moved out of my townhouse back in February, I offloaded a whole lot of crap! Three trips to the dump and about 30 Hefty bags! Then, there is that emotional baggage I am trying to unload, too.

Hi Barbara,
Hope you are having a good evening.
I am trying to offloads lots of things, however every time I try to offload stuff my hubby thinks of ways to keep or hide it!

I just thought, that is the way we sometimes keep that emotional baggage by keeping and/or hiding it.

Take Care

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