Stories, stories. Stories ……

Posted on: April 13, 2010

Mindfulness all day was hard but I did it!
I assisted in manning a booth at a convention today. It was a great morning networking, renewing old friendships and finding some new as well. it was especially exciting to see 175 new students coming our of Rush University Chicago and University of Chicago. They were so excited they were graduating and at our booth we were encouraging them to join our management association as student members to gain networking opportunities that can only enhance their growth, creativity in finding a good fit for placement, and meeting all kinds of lab managers in the Chicago area. Our chapter is the largest and most active in the nation. We also have exceptional speakers and vendors come to our events 4 times a year. I work on the board of directors and assist in making the meetings happen.

The best thing to happen today is that we received a call from the animal shelter. They have moved us up to first on the list to adopt a 1 1/2-year-old Cocker Spaniel (see Pictures Posted) We were thinking that we were not even going to be considered , as the first family they had an adoption contract on him was pretty serious. Tom, who works there, did not sound very hopeful when we had filled out the application. Well, boy were we surprized when we got the call about an hour ago that we are first on the list! The dog is in great condition, however is being treated for kennel cough, before getting a rabies shot later in the week. we should be able to pick him up Friday-Sunday…
Joe is dumbfounded and does not know what to thing, bt says it is really cool, as we have not had a dog since he was 2. When I called Amanda, actually I posted on Twitter first, she started crying on the phone because she was so happy. This dog is very similar to the dog we had that passed away when she was 4.

His name is OREOZ, or we may name it Snoopy!, w will have to take a vote!
WELL, that was too much excitement for one day….Thanks to all who were praying for us!
With all this going on….Being Still….I will wait a while for that one….

3 Responses to "Stories, stories. Stories ……"

Kim, what a beautiful animal and what a great home OREOZ will have with you. You are a busy person and coming home to a dog who loves you is a great way to stop, be still, and enjoy the mutual affection. I admire your stamina in handling the convention and giving so much energy to something you believe in. We could all take a lesson from that story.

Kim – I’m so excited for Oreoz! And I’m excited for you as a family to receive him. Whoohoo!

This is too funny!
Amanda has been posting on twiter all day that she cannot believe this whole story about the dog!!

I got a collar and leash for him this afternoon. I even spent 7 dollars and got him a little tag with our last name and address on it…Boy things have changed since my last dog…I just made the tag right there at PetsMart. I remember doing the same thing with my first crush in 5th grade…..I coined a gold coin that said Kim and Don is love! How corny.

I have the pet clinic all lined up, along with doggie dish, treats, a small supply of food, a doggie brush and shampoo,and of course a couple little toys! You wait I am sure Mike will come up with some of our doggie toys from 16 years ago. I will bet on it!. WalMart is definately the best place to go, I happened to hit a big clearence sale at the Elmhurst store that is remodeling

Tune in to see how Mike is on this!! He is ok, however I am sure he will either blow a gasket, or become the dogs best buddy.


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