"Who are you? Who! are you??"…..

Posted on: April 12, 2010

In a guided imagery tape I listen to, at one point it asks the question,”Who are you, who are you??

A blogging friend, Barbara, asked me to explain a story about who I am? While thinking about this for a long while I do not have a clear picture yet. It is more like a soft fog!

What is this? Dream, reality, or somewhere in between.
Good-bad, acceptable-not acceptable, beautiful-ugly, right-wrong, and surrendering to beliefs that may have not been the best for me. Even having the Be-good syndrome to please others so they will perceive me as good enough.

Somehow this inner judge taught me not to feel, to limit my thinking, even so far as to limit my efforts, as not to cause conflict.
Boy do I carry that guilt, shame, and blame well. I hide it, but it is there, and yes it does control my life.

Stay tuned for the dreams of truth and justice…

3 Responses to ""Who are you? Who! are you??"….."

Kim – You go, girl! I’m Looking forward to the “the dreams of truth and justice.”

Laurie Buchanan

I am staying tuned, Kim. When you hear the stories, stay quiet and listen for whose voice you hear telling them. And then decide if you want to own that story or not. Simply recognizing it as a story . . . as opposed to a reality . . . is all that is needed to move towards healing.

Saw a specific car today.
Very bad story.
I actually started shaking when I saw it. I am not owning this story!…

Being still for about an hour…Sitting outside a hotel in Oakbrook IL
Manning a Booth today for CLMA–Clinical Lab Management Assoc.

Blue skies and bright sun here today….

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