How can you be more caring?

Posted on: April 5, 2010

I have to say that I have two extremes of my caring nature; not a good middle ground. I either smother with too much, too fast, or stifle the light, myself, and the relationship with not enough.

3 Responses to "How can you be more caring?"

Kim – That’s a great observation. The question is, what action steps are you going to take toward balance?

I have not figured out yet if I will call you Jiminy Cricket or if I am the grasshopper and you the master as in Kung Fu! LOL…

I determined I missed this in elementary school:

Treat other people with kindness and generosity.

Help people in need.

Be sensitive to other people’s feelings.

Never be mean or hurtful to anyone or anything.

Be conscious about how your actions will affect others.

Be sure to always remind myself – we become caring people by doing caring things!

You got it! In effect, “Never underestimate the power of one.” Good, bad or indifferent, that ripple effect is oh-so-far-reaching …


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