Sands of Time

Posted on: April 4, 2010

Well I have to say this so bare with me. Twenty years ago tonight I was going into labor with my first-born Amanda, who will be twenty tomorrow. It was a routine time to go to the hospital, however little did I know that after 18 hours of labor the doctor would say we have got to do this another way, my husband retorted, “Well doc, what other way do you suggest?”…..After an uneventful C-Section at 4:08pm on April 5, 1990 Amanda Carol Grady was born. She has been an outright shining example of divine love ever since. Always the best at whatever she puts her passion into, behavior, love, sports, grades, humor, friendships, family,….

Divine Love at its best….

1 Response to "Sands of Time"

happy, Happy, HAPPY birthday Amanda!

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