What was the most foolish thing that I did that turned out to be wise?

Posted on: March 31, 2010

Hands down…

I entered a nine session (about seven months) wellness program designed to teach Life Harmony; the discipline of getting on track and staying there. During each 90-minute session you learn important truths about whole health—body, mind and spirit. Homework is assigned at the end of each session, and there is at least one accountability contact each week between sessions. Encouragement during the coaching process facilitates empowerment. I did this not really sure if I could continue financially or if it was going to be worthwhile and help me after a long three year depression after my Dad passed away. Boy was I wrong, the wisdom flowed every month and I developed a keen awareness of what I have been missing for a very long time, the ability to be present in the moment without worrying about the past or the future. Read more about the program at http://holessence.com/additionalservices/lifeharmony.html
What a true gift to myself and my relationships with mind, body, and spirit. I am still learning to bring my mind and heart more together which will take some time…..

4 Responses to "What was the most foolish thing that I did that turned out to be wise?"

Kim – You’re a gift to everyone in your sphere of influence.

Kim, the photo of the Canada Geese is a perfect fit to your post…lovely shot. And that Laurie – I highly recommend readers follow your advice and check her out http://holessence.com/additionalservices/lifeharmony.html She is one amazing woman with a passion for sharing her gifts.

Kim, you have such a cheerful presence that I had no idea you had been through such a trying time. The courage to take matters into your capable hands and turn things around doesn’t come easy, I know, I’ve been down the same road. I’m so glad that you are seeing your way clear these days.

Yes Sandi, There is a lot more to it and lots of things in-between. There was a lot of issues to deal with when I was young, frankly I am surprized I did not jump ship at a very young age!
I have had to deal with a lot of repressed and needed healing the last few years. It even caused me to doubt myself and leave my company right before my 20 year mark and move on…..Self Confidence, Self Esterm, and Self Worth were somehow wiped out by Self Doubt, Self Pity, and Self destruction……I have determined that it is kind like a weird addiction and I need to consciously be aware of it every minute of every day for the rest of my life and not let it take hold like that again.

Thanks for you kind words.

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