What kind of things do you like to read?

Posted on: March 28, 2010

Non-Fiction books are my favorite, especially science, self-help, medicine, health, biographies, and nature. I also enjoy religious books about world religions, saints and other medieval stories. I have a Kindle electronic reader that allows me to read several books at a time. I also can sync it with my cell phone or PC, when I don’t have my Kindle with me. The best part about kindle is there are many free offerings online to choose from, while all other books are half price or less than the regular bookstores. Quite honestly I do read anything I can get my hands on and am always learning……The library or internet are my favorite places!!

6 Responses to "What kind of things do you like to read?"

Kim – I think we must have been separated at birth (well, there was a bit of a delay as you are several years younger), but I definitely resonate with what you said!

You are too funny. I think in a lot of ways we are too…..
I was born two months premature and also had a twin that never formed in the womb and was never born….

Have a great day….we might go out and open then sunroof while running some errands. First, drop Joe at the golf course, then Costco, Jewelers (I need a watch battery), Dicks (Mike is updating his golf clubs after 25 years) and then home…

Take care my friend…Kim

Kim — I love your site! I was drawn to this one because my love of reading began when I discovered that I could learn how (instead of having other people read to me). I always have a supply of books “ready to be read.”

Hi there
What is your email address?

Kim – When I log into WordPress I’m still showing up as an author/administrator on your blog. I’m afraid to go in because (A) I would feel awkward to do that, and (B) what if I accidentally delete your whole blog? I’d much rather you be responsible for that faux pas.

Len and I are going to watch a DVD this evening. We pick up “Couples Retreat” from the library. It’s supposed to be funny.

Well I thought it would just pop out and be there….Go Figure….I have been doing what you suggested as well!

Enjoy the movie, let me knowhow it is, I have it reserved on Blockbuster….


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