What is your Typical Day?

Posted on: March 24, 2010

Well first let me say I usually have a set routine, except for planned items on my schedule ahead of time. In general my days starts at 4:30 am, I set my clock an hour ahead so it reads 5:30, due to the fact that I cannot look at the clock saying 4:30am!!! I get up, take a shower, get dressed with my clothes that were layed out the night before, I also might touch them up with a bit of ironing. After grabbing everything from my bedroom, name badge, earrings, shoes, cellphones (yes I have two blackberrys, one for personal and one for work!) I walk downstairs, lay the things I need for the day. I finish drying my hair, make-up, and perfume! I then have a little breakfast. By this time my hubby is up. He is so sweet, he gets the newspaper for me every day, then does his morning prayers while I read the paper. When I am done reading the paper, I give the paper to him, we talk a bit and then I gather all my things for the day and go out to the garage to start the car. My briefcase with my work laptop is usually in the backseat of the car. I drive to work, which takes about 40 minutes, and stop at Caribou Coffee before the long drive. (It keeps me awake!)
Work at my office is usually the same routine with getting into work between 6am and 630 am, conference calls, phone calls, e-mail, different databases to navigate, documents to file, employee issues to resolve, boss issues such as I need it yesterday!, getting the snail mail, presentations, facilitating meetings and team projects, maintaining standard operating procedures, handing chemical inventories, safety checks, monitoring sprinkler systems, safety issues, quality assurances issues in different areas of the building; distribution, billing, technical lab areas, HR, sales, patient service centers, investigation and follow-up of corrective actions, initiating audits of 10 labs and 58 PSC’s located in Chicago and St Louis, Each facility is regulated by state, local and federal authorities and can be inspected at any time. My main job as Regional QA Manager is to maintain inspection readiness for all the sites, as to limit the deficiencies or fines they may experience. This also includes travel to the different sites to audit them and have meetings, inspections, and process monitoring, in addition to expediting problem resolution with the supervisors and managers. I am pretty much a technical resource. Unless I am traveling, which could entail 2-10 days depending on the trip, I usually leave work between 2:30-4:30pm, depending on the day, and try to beat traffic if at all possible.
When at home, I always enjoy down time for at least an hour before I do anything else. Usually reading the mail, checking e-mails and blogs while watching my taped soap opera “All my Children” which I have been watching for 40 years. I have dinner with my son and hubby, then we all pretty much break up and it is quiet time, before bed. I usually go to bed most nights between 10-11pm. I have meditation time by reading, praying, listening to the Gaia meditation or listening to music or guided imagery. Then, and I am not kidding, in the winter time I have footed cozy PJ”s just like a baby’s blanket sleeper and a fuzzy brown teddy bear my daughter gave me when she was off to college the first year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well that is my usual day; other things can certainly change the plans! Choir Practices, Medical Reserve Corps Meetings or maneuvers, a CLMA (Lab Management Assoc) meeting or event, safety or QA emergencies that I need to attend to at work after hours, as I am on call 24/7. There are also many church and school activities, not to mention college alumni meetings and functions. I try to squeeze the rest for friends and family,movies, dinner, plays, traveling,,,,and monthly massages!…..There is also time for sewing, reading, laptop stuff, cooking, baking, and lots of other things I can do to get in trouble…..

Thats all Folks……Until Later Tags: Action, Challenge, Helping, Love, Passion, Quality, Risk, Service

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