Where are you going?

Posted on: March 9, 2010

I am on a journey through this life and the next……it is in God’s plan and not my own. I hope my shoes and feet are good enough to get through and move on to the next thing…..:-)

Pictured here is the sanctuary of the main chapel at Good Counsel Hill, Mankato Minnesota (Conference Center/Convent/Retreat Center…

I am a pre-associate lay person tied to the sisters, they taught me as a child.
Becoming an Associate is an opportunity for women and men, like you, to live gospel values in daily life through a spiritual relationship with us. It is a chance for you to make a difference wherever you are and in whatever you’re doing.

Associates are those outside of vowed membership who can share in our mission and goals. Associates can be married, have families, live throughout the region, and work in a variety of settings. SSNDs welcome as associates persons of any faith tradition whose spirit is in harmony with our charism.

Associates make a covenant to live the spirit and mission of the School Sisters of Notre Dame through:

Deepening personal and communal prayer
Participating in SSND spiritual, educational, and social activities
Extending the spirit of SSND in her/his respective ministry/lifestyle
Sharing one’s gifts, faith life, and lived experience with other Associates and with SSNDs

http://www.ssndmankato.orgThe School Sisters of Notre Dame are vowed members of an international congregation within the Catholic Church, serving God’s people on five continents.
As women of hope, we follow Jesus Christ striving for unity among people. We are called to transform the world by making Christ visibly present through our ministry as educators. We are called to transcend ourselves and be deeply inserted into our world in order to be more for others.

For us, education means empowering people, especially those who are poor, women and children, to reach their full potential as individuals created in God’s image. We are passionate in our ministry of education as teachers, missionaries, justice and peace advocates, social and parish workers.

We are agents of justice, peace, and integrity of creation as we work toward systemic change.

Being a School Sister of Notre Dame is not just a way to minister, but a way of life. Integrated into our ministry is our call to live community. Community life is more than just living together; it is a giving and receiving of support, love and acceptance. Through our prayer, dialogue, and ministry, we become a community of one mind and one heart.

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