Winter and Summer Memories

Posted on: March 1, 2010

         When I saw this beautiful picture I was reminded of all the docks that I have been on through the years, mostly in Minnesota. My dad had a boat ever since I can remember, and his brother had a cabin with docks all around. I spent a lot of time up at my uncles cabin during the summertime, and also loved the fact that he had 5 girls, for I and had no sisters of my own . I unfortunately did not like it too much when my dad threw me off the docks and said “sink or swim”, as I was very afraid of drowning after that, and made sure I took lots of swimming lessons.

     When my own family was beginning and the kids were younger, we would also have a cabin in the north woods, with a great fire pit outside and many docks to just sit, rest, contemplate, and enjoy the scenary, especially the loons.      The kids are older now and still say they would love to go up to the cabin. Maybe someday they will start a new tradition.

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